Below are my erotic historical romance novels. I write under the pen name Lyn Armstrong. I hope you enjoy! Lin xx

The Last Celtic Witch (Book One)

A painful death… a prophecy foretold

Pursued by evil forces for her powers, recluse Adela MacAye foresees her own agonizing death. She must seek the chosen one to produce an heir and pass on her Celtic powers. To fail would be the end of good magic, plunging the world into darkness. Conjuring a fertility spell, she is led to a sensual chieftain who is betrothed to the sorceress that hunts her. Time is running out as fate and the future pursue her. 

Plagued by enemies and undermined by sabotage, handsome Laird Phillip Roberts must save his clan from bloody feud by making an alliance through marriage… a marriage he does not want. After a night of white-hot sensual delights with the alluring witch, his heart commands he break the pledge of peace. With treachery around every corner, will he be too late to save…The Last Celtic Witch? 

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The Celtic Witch & the Sorcerer (Book Two)

As a Celtic Witch, Gavenia Roberts possesses the power of good magic. With a few simple words, she can command the weather to do her bidding, ensure a bountiful harvest, or even summon a star down from the night sky. But all the magic in the world cannot grant Gavenia the one thing she desires most…her freedom.

As powerful as he is ruthless, Laird Tremayne Campbell lives in a world of shadows and carnal perversion. Though he has the ability to wield dark magic with a mere thought, all of his powers cannot protect him from a dark curse that threatens his very existence. To lift the curse, the sorcerer must spill the enchanted blood of a Celtic witch. After capturing and imprisoning Gavenia in his tower, he does everything he can to resist the witch’s soft skin and mesmerizing eyes that speak of desires.

His desires must not distract him from sacrificing the witch. 
His life and eternal soul depend upon it.


Heart of a Warlock (Book Three)

A bitter heart… a reluctant betrayal…

Trust does not come easy for Laird Callum Roberts, a Celtic warlock. While hunting a sorceress who captured his father, he comes across a mysterious lass on a sacrificial alter. Enchanted by her beauty and sensuality, there is something amiss with the secret maiden. Is she just another deceiving woman or can he trust his cynical heart to see her innocence? 

Exiled and shunned by her clan, Lady Alayne Duncan finds herself blind and at the mercy of a dark sorceress. To save her little sister, she has no choice but to commit a vile sin against a warlock. However, Alayne cannot deny the desire of her heart and body as she yearns for his erotic touch. The more time she spends with the warlock, the more she loathes the treachery. Can she forsake the warlock for the life of her sister?


Lady of the Mountain (Book Four)

Cursed to live alone inside a mystical mountain, Drucilla survives by one source of magick: the legendary staff of Merlin. It brings light to the darkness, food and shelter, granting her every desire except the warm touch of a man. However, an evil presence lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching while a wizard plots to steal the only thing keeping Drucilla alive… Merlin’s staff.

The quest for Merlin’s staff is more than an obsession-it consumes Bryan Ambrosius’ every waking thought. Being the descendant of Merlin has brought with it only legends and swooning maidens. He needs the staff to restore his ancestral powers. If he fails, ill fortune will plague his family for eternity and he will never be the powerful wizard he was destined to be.

Will a determined wizard save a defiant sorceress from a secret demise only he can foresee? Or will he sacrifice the heart of his quest for the heart of an enemy… the lady of the mountain?


Witch Hunter (Book Five)

Entwined Fates…Forbidden Love 

Commissioned as an Inquisitor, Lord Lachlan Fairbairn is a skilled Witch Hunter feared throughout Scotland. When King James VI sent him to investigate a noble lady with wild golden hair and an untamed spirit, his instincts warns she is guilty of witchcraft. With mystery and intrigue surrounding the beautiful lass, he could not resist her luring charm beneath her protected heart. Torn between his forbidden desires and royal duty, can he make the impossible decision? 

Outcast from her clan, Lady Rhiannon Campbell struggles with conflicting powers. Half good witch and half evil sorceress, she battles to control the darkness within for fear of plunging Scotland into chaos and death. With time working against Rhiannon, she has to rid herself of the seductive Inquisitor or face the horrific torture of the King’s dungeons. 

Can she endure a broken heart and a gruesome death to save her family? Or will she protect her enchanted secret and force herself to slay…The Witch Hunter?


The French Rose

Erotic Historical Romance – Single Title

A desperate request…an indecent wager

With the last of her money spent on a ball gown and arriving in a borrowed carriage, Lady Christelle LeGene must charm her way into the royal ball. A reckless plan is all that stands between her and poverty. Yet the life of sexual opulence and cruel intrigues are more than she bargains for when the notorious Duke tempts her with an indecent wager: seduce and ruin the reputation of his honourable brother, and she will never have to go hungry again. With debtors banging on her door, Christelle has no choice but to accept. However, she did not account for the noble knight to outwit her at every turn, stirring her body as well as her heart.

When a chance accident brings the lovely Lady Christelle across his path, Nicolas’ structured life changes forever. Intrigued by the alluring temptress, Nicolas finds it difficult to resist her gold-flecked eyes that sear with erotic cravings. When he overhears the plot of seduction, he is determined to teach the little minx a lesson. Against his will, his defences melt in a cat-and-mouse game. For the sake of his honour and reputation, can he resist a passionate love made on a wager?

Warning: Explicit sex scenes with m/f and f/f


Erotic Historical Romance – Single Title

Tutoring Miss Molly

Poverty-stricken and desperate to help her sick aunt endure another brutal winter on their meager farm, Molly Cambridge will do anything to be a courtesan at the scandalous Harman Manor. Innocent in the art of carnal pleasure she enlists the help of an unwilling aristocrat. Even with society’s barriers, she cannot resist her desires for the reclusive noble. However, if she does not deny her heart and find a wealthy benefactor, her aunt will not survive. With time running short and attempts on her life, she has to live by the courtesan rule—never fall in love.

Bored with the spoiled decadent lifestyle of the infamous sex society, Lord Devlin Harman has little time for courtesans and their cunning wiles. Blackmailed into tutoring an inexperienced courtesan, he is determined to show the farm girl the error of her ways. Never in his wildest dreams does he imagine beneath the mud-stained rags a unique beauty exists, causing his jaded heart to melt and his flesh to burn for her touch. However, if she does not become the chosen courtesan at the mistress auction, he must marry a devious aristocrat by spring. Can he let Molly be a courtesan to gain freedom from his marriage contract? Or will he sacrifice everything for the love a farm girl?
When it comes to tutoring Miss Molly, desire can be murder.

This erotic regency is “Dangerous Liaisons” meets a naughty version of “My Fair Lady”.