Our Story

Lin Perrier is a freelance Videographer where she explores her passion for filming and editing videos for companies who want brand videos for products, services and events. For more information on Videography services click here.

Lin is an award-winning Author with 8 novels published. She writes steamy Celtic romance novels under the pen name, Lyn Armstrong.  She hasn’t always lived in Australia, the travel bug bit this Aussie one too many times as she made her home in many countries including England, Scotland and Portugal. However, it was America that called to her wanderlust. A place where she felt right at home. After living in Los Angeles as a teenager, she later returned to the U.S.A to pursue her writing career in Florida.

Eight years later, she came home to start a career as a Relationship Counselor with a practice in Brisbane, Queensland.

With a fulfilling career in helping couples rekindle their love and passion, Lin felt like half of her heart was still missing. Until one day, a man walked into her life and changed everything she ever believed about life and love. The charismatic and charming architect swept her off her feet and she has never been the same since as an intensely crazy, wild love infuses her spirit.

She now spends her time filming brand videos for companies and traveling with her amazing husband around the world. The YouTube channel A.L.T: Adventure, Love, Travel is about her insightful and magical journey with her husband as they shoot on location around Australia. Showcasing their adventures with a delightful sprinkle of romance and humor.

A self-confessed “Boatie”, Adam Perrier has been a sailor since he was 12. By the age of 17 he helped design and build a yacht. As Captain of the vessel, he sailed his friends up the coast of Queensland to celebrate their high-school graduation.

Adam spent a great deal of traveling the world with his family. This created an unquenchable thirst for exploration, visiting 55 countries in Europe, North Africa, Asia, Middle East and America.

In pursuit of his passion in architecture and travel, Adam enjoyed working in all corners of the globe. However, warm summer breezes, turquoise oceans and white sandy beaches called him home to Australia where he created a successful architecture company in a coastal town of Queensland.

Even with all the adventure and travel…unconditional love was the missing link in his heart. Something he had never experienced before until a black-haired sassy counsellor waltzed into his life. Powered by love, Lin created a world of joy beyond his wildest dreams. Enchanted from the beginning by her warm heart and wicked sense of humor, Adam knew his life of adventure, love and travel was only just beginning.

Q & A for Lin and Adam

How did you both come up with the name for the YouTube channel: A.L.T: Adventure, Love, Travel.?

Adventure represents our spirit for excitement. We aren’t afraid of hard work and effort. Especially if it means we get to explore or see something new. It’s never dull in our relationship.

Love is the main meat of our segments as we dive into interesting topics in matters of the heart. Many of which are lessons we have learned along the way in our life.

Travel encompasses not only all the awesome locations we visit, but also the path we travel in our relationship with each other and the journey we explore within ourselves.

What’s the story behind the term “Aussie Lovebirds”?

The love that we have for each other seems to attract a lot of attention when we go out. Something about our energy, our affectionate natures, even the secret glances we share from across the room is noticed by others. We have had not only friends and family nickname us the Lovebirds, but also complete strangers do as well. Whether we walk down the street laughing, in the pool cuddling, holding each other’s hand when we sit across the restaurant table, or kissing in the elevator…we are told how inspiring it is to see two people so in love.

The reputation of being lovebirds seem to follow us. What better way to describe ourselves on relationship channel.

The term “Aussie” is something Lin came up with to give us a sense of location as the majority of our segments are shot in Australia. Hence, “Aussie Lovebirds” was born.